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Consoleone not updating poa configuration

Until the Trusted App is propagated to the post office database, you will not be able to log in using it.These are the only settings the main Trusted Application entry used by Netmail Archive needs to access Group Wise mailboxes.When those systems go down, the people using them can't get their work done—and your IT staff has to scramble to get the engine of productivity back in use.But with Group Wise, you can count on industry-leading uptime, rock-solid security, and a system that is just about as maintenance-free as it gets.

The Trusted Application key is generated through the Console One utility in conjunction with Group Wise snapins.

It is therefore critical in any Trusted App creation that all domains are communicating and show OPEN status in the MTAs.

The larger the Group Wise system, the longer it may take for the Trusted App creation to propagate.

In order to create this key, you need three things: an application capable of creating the Trusted App key, administrator access to the Group Wise database, and administrator privileges to the Domain object within e Directory.

As with the majority of Group Wise administration, information is written to the Domain database, which is then propagated throughout the system, first being replicated to other domain databases, which in turn push that information to the Post Office database.

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Update the Netmail Archive Trusted Application details to match the new entry using the information below.

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