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This is particularly true if you’re considering consolidating final salary pensions or other pensions with a guaranteed element.

While there are a number of good reasons why transferring out of a final salary pension could be favourable right now, doing so simply because you feel you have too many pensions is not one of them by itself.

A financial adviser is well-placed to discuss the process with you and help you decide whether a pensions merger is appropriate for you.

Consolidating your pensions into one pension wrapper can make keeping track of your pensions savings more easy, you can keep a closer eye on the value of your savings and it could also potentially reduce the amount of management fees you are paying.

Given the size of transfer values being offered it is becoming more common to review defined benefit schemes however for any scheme with a transfer value of more than £30,000, it is compulsory to get final salary transfer advice.

It’s always best to get pensions advice if you’re thinking of consolidating your pensions.

Also Josh was always happy and prepared to phone me at all times to fit around my diary which was excellent." Kyle Smart While there are certainly benefits to using a pensions consolidation service to reduce the number of pension pots you have, pension consolidation might not be right for everyone.

With certain pension plans, the costs of a pension merger may outweigh any benefits.

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