Consolidating data centers gartner

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Consolidating data centers gartner

The rapid evolution of the DCIM marketplace has helped create several associated data center performance management and measurement metrics, including industry standard metrics like Power usage effectiveness, CUE and Data Center Energy Productivity as well as vendor-driven metrics such as PAR4 (server power usage) and Data center predictive modeling.

Since its identification as a missing component for optimized data center management, the broad DCIM category has been flooded with a wide range of point-solutions and hardware-vendor offerings intended to address this void.

These drivers include: At a high level, DCIM can be used for many purposes.While the physical layer of the data center has historically been viewed as a hardware exercise, there are a number of DCIM Suite and DCIM Specialist software vendors who offer varied DCIM capabilities including one or more of the following; Capacity Planning, 3D visualization, Real-Time Monitoring, Cable/Connectivity management, Environmental/Energy sensors, business analytics (including financial modeling), Process/Change Management and integration well with various types of external management systems and data sources.In 2011 some predicted data center management domains would converge across the logical and physical layers.These include sensor systems, power management solutions, analytics packages, and monitoring.One of more of these enhancement solutions will likely be deployed or coupled with a single selected DCIM suite.

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The analyst firm Gartner Research has started using a term to try and focus on DCIM vendors with a more comprehensive set of capabilities.