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Lifehacker readers suggest starting with the oldest relative and then going down the family age tree, using Picassa's face recognition feature, scanning and saving photos into folders organised by family person's name, and/or organising photos by "era". Digital photos are great, but we all probably have way too many of them.Delete bad photos, print out the best ones, and back up, back up and back up. Choose one folder to store your photos, and use tools like Lost Photos for email or even Facebook's shared photo albums to consolidate your photos into one place.You can also quickly rename photo (and other) files in bulk.If you like sharing photos, you can use Wappwolf or IFTTT to automatically upload your photos to services like Facebook and Flickr.

You can fix this metadata issue with a few useful tools, get rid of duplicate photos, and otherwise make more sense of your photo collection.

Whatever you do, just like you need to have a system for organising your other digital and non-digital files, make it as easy as possible for your future self to find the pictures you're looking for.

i Photo and Aperture both support multiple libraries.

There really is no easy way to tackle a gazillion photo prints, negatives and digital photos.

You can, however, approach this daunting task with a plan.

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First select the largest library and wait for it to completely migrate from i Photo or Aperture (this could take a very long time, depending on how many pictures you have in your largest library).

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