Core data updating

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Core data updating

Food: Songbun has a huge effect on a North Korean citizen’s food supply.

Family: Knowing the importance of keeping a clean record in NK society, parents impress on their children the importance of not doing anything to step outside the Party line, as it would affect the whole family.This system also ensures that “elites play together.” Those with good songbun go through the same schools and the same colleges, and they network within this pool for their future mutual benefit.Those with bad songbun are of course denied such opportunities.The individual has no control over this system, their songbun being decided by their family line, making it analogous to discrimination along racial lines.The whole system can be described as a political apartheid, reminiscent of the racial apartheid in South Africa that attracted such international criticism until it ended with the election of Nelson Mandela.

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The data is now managed using the software system “Faithful Servant 2.0.” This digitization makes it easier for authorities to access any citizen’s songbun file from any Ministry of Public Security computer terminal from provincial to county levels.