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Create auto updating calendar excel

Suppose you are keeping track of the maximum temperature for each day in April.You have entered the first two dates for April in Column A, which contains the field name Date in A1.Important: Formulas exist in all cells that display a date, as well as in those cells in the date rows that appear blank.

Open the file containing your data in Microsoft Excel.You really can make your own Excel calendar using this.Do you want have holidays written in one color and own events in a different, we have options for that.Tip: You can also search for other calendar templates online.Downloaded templates are placed in a temporary folder on your computer.

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Go to the "Format" drop-down menu and select "Comma Separated Values (.csv)." Click "OK". Go to "File" in the main menu and select "Import and Export."In the "Import and Export Wizard" pop-up window, go to the "Choose an action to perform" section.