Crime petrol daul

Posted by / 20-Aug-2014 16:38

Crime petrol daul

Continuous harassment of ASTOGRN members by the police would be seenand treated as working against the Buhari administration's policy on Local Content and deregulation.

It explains the duty rates applied to hydrocarbon oils and which hydrocarbon oils are eligible for excise duty relief.

Ibe Kachuwu to call the management of NNPC to order fortheir lukewarm attitudes in matters concerning ASTOGRN members.

The NNPC should ensure that due process which is at the heart of the Buhari administration guides it's action concerning ASTOGRN members.

If your goods are not listed on a Control List, you might still need a licence due to end-use concerns (in relation to a military or Weapons of Mass Destruction usage).

You should also be aware of any sanctions and embargoes which apply to your intended export destination.

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