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Angel was bit by the magic bug at the age of 7 when his aunt Stella taught him a card trick. "I felt this incredible sense of power that an adult didn't understand how it worked, but I did." Within a few short years, his illusion skills were honed to the point that he began giving shows, first for tips only and later for a fee.His first paid appearance was at the age of 12, at a neighbor's birthday party. Even from a young age, Angel lived and breathed performance magic.In the column, Mecca stated she was uncomfortable after Angel approached her April 8 after the judging had taken place, and said, "I hope you're going to give my girl high marks." Angel and Clarke's heated exchange happened the day after Clarke's column was published.During the argument, Angel repeatedly called Clarke, "A f--king idiot," before he warned Clarke, who wears an eye patch, not to "ever write another word about me, or you'll need an eye patch over your other eye." Angel also gave NBC cameras the middle finger that day as they filmed outside Planet Hollywood. Grabowski didn't make the semifinals and Miss Texas Crystle Stewart was crowned Miss USA.Angel's first major series of magic shows were witnessed in 1998 at the World Of Illusion convention at Madison Square Garden.

"The thought of my becoming a professional magician was unbearable for them," Angel said.At the age of 14, Angel was performing weekly at area bars and restaurants.He was a regular at the Long Island wine bar and restaurant, the Wine Gallery, where he said he "could easily clear a hundred dollars on a good night" on tips alone."They had hoped their three sons would go to college and become doctors or lawyers — but not a magician!" Angel claims he continued his education on his own after graduation.

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Most of the show's episodes are shot in and around Las Vegas: The first two seasons were largely shot in and around the Aladdin Hotel (which has since become Planet Hollywood) while most of the third and fourth seasons were shot at Angel's current home, the Luxor. Episodes are generally 30 minutes, although hour-long specials are common. "Mindfreak" is scheduled to run for at least two more seasons.

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