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Ct live cyber sex adult chat

He denied it all along, if hed had the guts to be honest I could have maybe dealt with didnt and I am totally devestated.

we have kids together and had a great sex life I have just found that my partner of4 years has cheated on me with a woman he met on the internet.

Sometimes with random strangers and sometimes with regular people. We used to have a great sex life but now his libido is gone.

He's not gay, not seeing anyone else, has no medical/emotional problems..I am still attractive and interesting.

HMMM I am so crazy in love with this man and I find myself doubting my own judgement. He says he has stopped but now I find that he has lied to me about cancelling his subscriptions to dating websites. The pain and devastation has destroyed my live and my children's live. My first time cyber sex was a few moments ago and I feel like I may have made a mistake, and if I feel guilty then it was wrong of me to do so.

Engaged for a month and I'm not for sure if I can go through with this. She even got off the phone with me as I was driving 1500 miles back to her. It's cheating and the worst kinds because it involves mental effort to engage in the activity. I'm cutting it here while it is new, to long have I loved her to simply let it all collapse over something as stupid as this, and better now then to let it escalate to something problematic. So I'm going to go with yes, once it gets out of hand it is cheating.

We have a lot things going on through emails so I checked the inbox. One stuck out like a sore thumb..18 emails between the two of them in 3 days.

A couple of times when I returned home unexpectantly he was on the computer with porn.

He started counseling 2 yrs ago for this and other (anger-physical abuse-verbal abuse and emotional abuse) issues but but he still lies constantly and I think he's doing the computer sex again.

I am deeply hurt and our relationshipis in tatters. I have been married for 20 plus years and my husband had posted pictures of himself on a pron dating site for purposes of cyber sex. he never went anywhere or did anything with us..electing to stay home.

Always called me when I left the house (within 10 min.) for some fake reason - just to see if I was really gone and asked that I call him before I come home to see if he wanted something.

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A phone number has been exchanged at one time, maybe even a photograph he sent her of himself! that cyber flirting is no different than going to a strip bar with buddies. And who knows what he/she has told that other person.

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