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With DS its users can Add Friends Mobile Number on the fly, Generate a Privacy Protected and Time To Call Number.The system will automatically inform the added party of the Connection Number, for example "Hi! And post that you can call the person or he or she can call you back as well the numbers will remain active for life.We look forward to continuing to offer solutions that provide privacy protection for all." About the Date Shield App: DS app is extremely easy to use and register.Once the app is registered the users can Control who calls them, when they call and who doesn't call them, coupled with Reverse Number look up protection.The couple who started it was brought closer together due to their obsession with dogs, and they just want to spread the puppy love. Mensa, the world's oldest and largest high IQ society, has teamed up with to bring brainiacs together.If your IQ is in the 98th percentile or higher, sign up and get to wooing.Should you want to disconnect simply delete friend and he or she will never be able to call you back Guaranteed.Security Features: Every connection Number is unique.

It is not just angry ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends or friends who don't understand that you may not want to be contacted at odd hours or at work, but hackers and identity thieves.Mostly As: Your combined interest in science and your family's past means you should make your way over to Singld Out.Their service analyzes you via an at-home DNA kit and personality test.Then it matches you with someone based on your chances of long-term compatibility. Mostly Bs: If a guy can't accept your pooch, he isn't for you.Head over to You Must Love Dogs Dating to find someone as in love with your furry friend as you are.

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Even the National Security Agency (NSA) can track your movements and listen to your conversations, with only your phone number.

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