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The selected records are kept by ID in a dictionary to allow the user to sort the content but not lose the checked rows.

We're always looking for a way to display data in a manner that will allow the user to quickly browse and change data.

By default, text in a Data Grid View Text Box Cell does not wrap. This is similar to setting a Text Box’s Text property to the same text when the Text Box’s Multi Line property is false.

This can be controlled via the Wrap Mode property on the cell style (e.g. Data Grid View To provide support for sorting on multiple columns you can handle the Sort Compare event or call the Sort(IComparer) overload of the Sort method for greater sorting flexibility.

Each Data Grid View Row object contains a Cells collection, which is a collection of objects that derive from the Data Grid View Cell class.You can assign styles to individual cells, rows, or columns or to the whole Data Grid View object.The effective style of a cell is derived by evaluating from the least specific style (the Data Grid View object) to the most specific style (the cell style). Because text doesn’t wrap, new line characters in the text do not apply and so they are displayed as a “non-printable” character.9.2.1 Custom Sorting Using the Sort Compare Event The following code example demonstrates custom sorting using a Sort Compare event handler.

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