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It’s positively frightening what you can learn about a person online.I’m not talking about what you can come across on page 64 in Google search results in the wee hours of the morning.Your new sweetie could still ask you to send him ,000 via Western Union to help him get out of jail in Fiji.(Read this to find out more about keeping yourself safe!” No, if your new guy is a jerk, you owe it to yourself to learn that on your own and in your own time.

One challenge that other dating sites have faced is people’s reluctance to share personal data.Why waste your time filling out online dating profiles when you can just have Google do it for you?That was the thought process behind comedy writer Aaron Gillies' experiment, in which he filled out a profile using auto-filled responses from the search engine.In our Truth about Privacy study, we found that internet dating sites were among the least trusted when it comes to handling your personal data and using it wisely.Only about 15% globally said that they trusted internet dating sites, compared to 65% who said that they trusted banks to handle their personal data.

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Perhaps you heard her last name in a voicemail greeting or when he checked in with a restaurant hostess.