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Where dating and the Internet come together, people can easily fake whole life stories to get a date or even get famous.How To Spot An Online Dating Lie Of course, most people with common sense knew something was fishy about the DABA women.This person’s story might sound sad and natural and they might seem to have nowhere else to turn, but you have to understand this is an extraordinary request.This might sound heartless, but you have to ask yourself why this person seems to have no personal friend or family member who they might go to first.These princesses no longer had access to financially-potent men willing to spend gaudy sums on their vacuous lives, so DABA was formed as a support service for depressed young DABA girls.Dating a Banker Anonymous – Reaction This caused a sensation, as you might imagine."That isn't my life," says Crowell, 27, from a coffee shop near her apartment in New York's West Village.Dressed modestly in jeans and a pullover, Crowell describes her DABA identity as an online "character" and admits that she doesn't actually know anyone with a boyfriend-backed credit card or a slashed department-store allowance.

But hold on a minute—are the DABA girls even for real? DABA cofounder Laney Crowell tells NEWSWEEK that what The New York Times and many other outlets portrayed as a serious Web site is, in fact, a full-blown parody by Crowell and her sidekick Megan Petrus, a Manhattan lawyer. Often the DABA girls invent fresh details for maximum satirical effect.The DABA Girls got a publicist, the ringleader (recently-married 26-year old hottie, Dawn Spinner Davis) was fired from her job because of the distraction she caused, and everyone from NYT readers to National Public Radio were crying “hoax! Dating a Banker Anonymous Hoax Of course, it turned out they were right.The Dating a Banker Anonymous website turned out to be nothing more than a blog created in January 2009 – not in September 2008.So if your monthly Bergdorf’s allowance has been halved and bottle service has all but disappeared from your life, lighten your heart with laughter and email your stories to [email protected] Warning all stories sent will be infused with our own special brand of DABA Girl humor.It was billed as a blog and support group for Wall Street's saddest cases: the once pampered young women forced to adjust to life without bottle service, Bergdorf Goodman accounts and boom-time sex—the collateral damage caused by thousands of points vanishing in a blink from the Dow.

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They almost certainly have someone they know better and have known longer, but instead, this person is asking a complete stranger for a favor. It’s common for an online scammer of any type to ingratiate with a stranger, pretend to become good friends with that person in a relatively short period of time, then play that person for their personal gain.