Dating a girl who rejected me

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Dating a girl who rejected me

I just don't know is she saw this as an opportunity to start talking again or maybe I'm reading into it too much & she is just being friendly.. We used to be very friendly/teasing, joking & flirting in person & texting, yet...

You can barely breathe while you are looking at this incredibly beautiful woman.

She pretty much already knew I liked her a lot & wanted to get to know her better some time before she backed out. I wanted to talk, she didn't really feeled like talking that day. She remained friendly & replied to me but I kinda felt she was avoiding the topic herself. So there is that little voice inside my head that tells me she maybe still wants to talk.

heck I even wondered for a moment if she still had my number when she acted kinda cold. I figured she would have if she really wanted to & so the dreadful rejection kicked in. she backed out so now I don't trust my own judgement with her anymore. I have moved on but I would be lying if I said I don't think about her alot.

As soon as you approach the first girl you risk being rejected by her.

Therefore, dealing with rejection is one of the most important skills that distinguish the men who will fail at the attempt of becoming good with women from those who will succeed in the land of vaginas.

Usually I don't go for women who are visibly occupied like that -- taxi-searching and texting / calling, as her headspace is going to be elsewhere -- but I wasn't seeing all that many cute girls around solo, so up I went. And no, I am not going to lie to you by saying that there is a magical pill or a secret technique that allows you to never get rejected again.Such a thing doesn’t exist and everybody who tries to sell you the idea of a 100% rejection-free life lies in your face.The sad part is that she was a living dead, still a junkie, got some stds and got kicked out of her house i felt sad for her and told her the address of the clinic that took care of me but she just laughed and asked for money to "eat".A girl who rejected me a while ago sent me a new year text message & now we are texting again.

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Maybe she was not in the right state of mind, maybe she didnt know you well enough, maybe she was just too nervous, etc Four to five years ago, I tried to kiss my now current girlfriend and she went "mmm... I remember because I think she was one of the first girls, if not the first, I tried to kiss. We barely kept in touch over the years, but for some reason we began dating recently. Now its also amusing because it went from me trying to get her to be my first kiss(she didnt know this) to her now thinking Im a dirty man whore who will break her heart by hooking up with her and you guys are saying that if i want to regain a girl's interest after she initially rejected me, then i should just talk to her whenever i run into her randomly, and try to ignore her? In the past few years, I have dated other girls and messed around with other chicks.