Dating a hermaphrodite

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'I spent 30 days in jail because I was too ashamed to tell my family what happened thinking no one knew.

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Bellini appears to be in the last group with a mixture of both.” Although being a hermaphrodite should not cause any health complications for Bellini, the kitten does have a light heart murmur so will need a new owner who will ensure he has regular veterinary checks.

"I certainly never thought I’d see two" Hermaphroditism is rare in mammals as the condition usually occurs when there is a genetic anomaly during sexual development in the womb.

But are there any dating sites for inter sex people? Your friend would appear to have what today is termed Inter-sexuality or Ambiguous Genitalia.

This is an exceedingly rare and mostly congenitally determined condition.

But when it was old enough to be neutered, vets discovered Bellini had female as well as male genitalia.

Sonia Scowcroft, the adoption centre’s manager, said she was "pretty stunned" as the condition is "so unusual".

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'In my early teens I was medically diagnosed and went on testosterone blockers, at 15 estrogen enhancers.