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After about a week of your recruit being at Boot Camp, you (or his family) will receive a packet of information; including their address.Although he did not write for 17 days, I wrote him immediately when I received his address.I hope that through this blog I can help put your mind at ease, and answer any of those questions.Of course, if it is not answered below you can always email me!

You never know who could get ahold of them and it could get your recruit in trouble. To make this easier on him I would make questionnaires of questions I wanted him to specifically answer, and would give him multiple choice responses for each question (a,b,c,d) (yes/no questions).

I cannot stress this enough, DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT write your recruit anything negative or non-motivating.

Believe me, you think it’s rough on you, your recruit is being yelled at, barely sleeping, being told when to eat, shower, and use this restroom.

The LAST thing they need is negative thoughts coming their way from their loved ones those first few weeks AND throughout boot camp.

We all have the same emotions when our recruits leave: sadness, uncomfortable from the unknown, anxiety, and I think the most severe, is the loss of constant communication with your recruit whenever and wherever you want.

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Advice for before boot camp, especially the last few weeks together: Boot camp: The first two weeks of boot camp are probably going to feel like the longest two weeks of your life.

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