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Dating a roadie

I got on the road for one reason and one reason only: pussy."Sure, the love of music is what initially attracted me to the bright stage lights, but the moment I discovered the magical, almost hypnotic power that a laminated backstage pass swinging from a lanyard had on wide-eyed, high-heeled, short-skirted women, the love of the spectacle suddenly dissipated."When I was firmly planted on the road, I made it my mission to see, do, taste, visit, experience, and, above all, fuck everything I had only heard about in lyrics and read about in books."I started my long journey on the road one month after losing my virginity, so touristy shit was cool, but what I really wanted to do was what any young lad let loose night after night in a room full of girls would: fuck as many of them as I could get away with.

Any way, anyhow."I was hungry for poontang, domestic and foreign, and best of all?

We decided to follow Cuesta's example and talk to some of the behind-the-scenes crew that make your favorite tours tick.

From hot sex to even hotter messes, check out the wild tales these eight seasoned rolling stones had to share in our Roadie Diaries.

He sat in a cramped box with iron bars and dim lights and kept a gun at hand in case of emergency. When they arrived, there was a police car and several men in blue. lobby calls, 20-hour days, moody artists, petty promoters, strung-out crews, and plenty of drunken mayhem I’m not always quick to recall.

My job: look over the crowd on line for suspicious characters. No incidents at the performance."Next day, friends and 'partner' were to divide the profits—cash proceeds—and were to meet in a Lower East Side bar to do so. A man had been sitting quietly at the bar, holding a brown bag. I’ve got a few stories, but one that still to this day seems like it was ripped out of a missing scene from was a few years ago when I was hired to tour manage and engineer for OK Go."A few years back, OK Go’s manager gave me a call.

On the road, every day was a holiday—and every night was a porn flick.""To start, there are some great drivers out there who really take pride in what they do.

And then there are just guys who, dare I say, are hacks, and don’t seem to care about the bus or the crew that rides on said bus."We had this guy on a tour a long time ago who was just scary.

The list of reasons is as long as the winding road they live on.These babes didn’t know shit about me except that I wasn’t from their hometown, so who would know?I held the key that allowed them to hang with the band, and to the both of us, it was a win-win situation.I still have the card if anybody’s looking.""It was 1981 and Van Halen was on their brutal ' Party 'til You Die' tour.We'd just wrapped the Pittsburgh show, where everything went relatively smoothly (for a VH show), and the next stop was a pretty important gig in Maryland."We began to load in at Capitol Center at 8 a.m., with the gig being that evening.

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