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"Then I realized I was just being insecure."Two weeks later, after some frank discussions, they were back together. Talk to each other, and discover what works for you in terms of balancing the two.• Remember: it's probably part of both your job and the other person's to communicate — perhaps frequently — with people you think are a threat.Jealousy happens, but business communication is just that — business.Keeping work professional and keeping what's personal exciting is something most sensible women opt not to put on their to-do list.Excelle: 20 Easy Ways To Be Happier But there's no denying that it can happen.Consult HR If you plan on letting the cat out of the bag about your relationship, make sure you're technically allowed to have one first.If your company has a policy that forbids them, you're much better off keeping things under wraps.6. What if you threw caution to the wind, had a fling with a coworker, and things didn't end quite as well as you were hoping?

The study, published in the current issue of Evolution and Human Behavior, highlights the importance of relational dominance in mate selection and discusses the evolutionary utility of male concerns about mating with dominant females."These findings provide empirical support for the widespread belief that powerful women are at a disadvantage in the marriage market because men may prefer to marry less accomplished women," says Stephanie Brown, lead author of the study and a social psychologist at the Institute for Social Research (ISR).

Dating at work can be dangerous, consider these 6 tips before starting an office fling.

As many red flags as the office romance waves, it actually can make a lot of sense.

So you have to decide: Is all the fuss and bother worth it to you? Pretty soon, everybody knew something was going on even if they weren't sure exactly what.

"If the person is a coworker, are you prepared to have them as an ex-lover, working on projects, sitting in meetings? If I could do it all over again, I'd probably have asked him to tone it down a bit even though it was exciting to be getting that kind of attention in such an illicit place … You'll end up in a terribly sticky situation, a mess that could do more harm than good to both your career and your heart.2.

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The Court held that although Barbee may have had a legally protected right to privacy in pursuing an intimate sexual relationship, Barbee had failed to establish that he had a reasonable expectation of privacy given HAFC’s express policy requiring managers to disclose to the company the existence of a “consensual intimate relationship” with a subordinate employee.

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