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A successful author and public speaker, Hamilton has shared her experiences in documentary films and appeared on several popular reality TV programs.

Bethany Meilani Hamilton was born on February 8, 1990, in Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii, to parents Tom and Cheri.

Born in Hawaii in 1990, Bethany Hamilton began competitive surfing at age 8.

Her promising career was seemingly derailed at age 13 when a shark bit off her left arm, but she resumed surfing shortly afterward and won a national title in 2005.

Hamilton was rushed to Wilcox Memorial Hospital, bumping her father from the operating room where he was about to have knee surgery.

Although she lost approximately 60 percent of her blood following the attack and underwent several surgeries, she was stabilized and released after a few days.

She was initially recognised for her collaborations with William Orbit, Andrew Weatherall, Red Snapper and the Chemical Brothers in the mid-1990s.

While lying on her board, Hamilton suddenly felt intense pressure on her left arm and was pulled back and forth for a few seconds before the flurry passed.

Orton was an actress before becoming a musician, initially enrolling at the Anna Scher Theatre School.

She toured in an experimental stage adaptation of Une Saison en Enfer with a theatre company touring throughout the UK, Russia and Ukraine, playing Rimbaud's lover.

They began a relationship shortly after, and he encouraged her to do some spoken word for his Strange Cargo project and to sing.

Possibly the best-known work from that time is "Water from a Vine Leaf", which she co-wrote and which was released as a limited-edition single.

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As the story drew national attention, it was determined that Hamilton had been attacked by a 14-foot tiger shark.

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