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Dating cave inscriptions

The stupa is located at the rear and consists of a drum with a moulding below and railing above, a globular dome and a corbelled dome with a railing at the base. Cave 7 is a huge vihara and the largest excavation at Junnar.

The cave is located to the right of Cave 6 to its west.

On plan, the chaityagrha consists of a pillared verandah and an apsidal hall divided into a central nave and side aisles by row of sixteen pillars.

The sthalapurana calls it as Lenyadri and an ancient inscription gives the name of this hill as Kapichita (Kapichitta).

There are nearly 40 caves in this group of which the main group of 30 caves are located in a line and stretch from east to west, all facing south and overlooking the valley of Kukdi river.

The pillars support an architrave from which projects eaves relieved with a railing resting on beams and rafters.

Cave 14 is also a chaityagrha, with flat ceiling and devoid of pillars.

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The hall measures 17.37 m in length; 15.54 m in width and 3.38 m in height and it has traces of plaster and paintings.

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