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While all that falls beautifully in place, it's not your typical fairy-tale.By Arrangement with Universal Film & TV Music See more » I'd actually recommend seeing it if you don't feel like a heavy movie and just want to watch something fun.She's All That is your typical high school prom king and queen story and the run in defending the star status in the upcoming election.

Seems only a few things are important: the chassis is steel, not aluminium and one hole has been drilled wrong (smaller), so there are actually 5 places to mount the chassis to the cab.This amp is loud enough for home practise, I haven't tried it in jamming but I am not too hopeful it will be loud enough against drums.The clean channel is plain and sonically characterless.I'm currently running it through a cheap Behringer 4x12, which is actually very good sounding (I've tested it against 4 other cabs, and it was the best easily). It has Partridge transformers (with yellow stickers) which are partly covered in an orange plastic hue.It has Jensen speakers, which might be similar in character to Fanes and JBLs, punchy and tight. On the back (far left) it has (underlined): 'Laney Sound Systems'. The codes and positions of the transformers are TG9683 (large, middle), TG9684 (large, right) and TG9688 (small, between the other two). The top of the amp shows three separate vents with plastic grills.

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See more » Give It To Me Baby Written and Performed by Rick James Published by Jobete Music Co., Inc.

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