Dating etiquette in germany

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A foreign lady once addressed a policeman using the form "Du" while talking to him. A newspaper carried the story under the musical headline, "You DU Something to Me!

Expect every detail of your proposal will be carefully and thoroughly examined.– Germany's total population is 82 million, making it the largest domestic market within the European Union – The capital and also the largest city is Berlin.– Frankfurt, Germany’s fifth largest city, is the largest financial centre in mainland Europe.– German business culture has a well-defined and strictly observed hierarchy, with clear responsibilities and distinctions between roles and departments.Professional rank and status in Germany is generally based on an individual's achievement and expertise, therefore academic titles and backgrounds are important. – In negotiations, Germans are usually direct and frank about what they want and they expect you to do the same.

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He added that while he had respect for the French habit, and that in Russia where men also kiss each other in greeting, this was not the German way and it was an affectation of the 'Shickimicki' set - or the 'in-crowd'.

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