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Dating for 16

58% of teens would ask someone on a date via a text message Did you know text-dating has become so common among teens a new word has been formed? Encourage them to talk to their boyfriend or girlfriend about the fact that they have other relationships, activities and obligations that may keep them from being able to respond immediately.

According to an article on, the term “textationship” refers to relationships based primarily on texts, and these interactions rarely include face-to-face time or even phone calls. And if they are in their bedroom or the bathroom, teach your kids to avoid Snapchat, Facetime and picture texts.

With so many ways to connect electronically, teens in dating relationships frequently spend more time interacting with each other through social media apps or texts than they do in real live conversations.

Remember, dating is practice for their future adult relationships.

Past efforts to monitor a dating situation have failed, either because of being lied to or because of being let down by a past boyfriend's dad who promised to supervise if the two spent time at his house when he WAS there and did not. Knowing I cannot control what she does, I want to set age- appropriate parameters and attempt to hold her to them. Also, these parameters cannot be based on expecting truthfulness or abstinence.

They have to be based on something else, giving her reasonable guidelines within which to learn to take responsibility for herself.

The more live one-on-one communication practice they get while dating, the better they will be at communicating once they are married.

My mother-bear self wants to lay down the law and tell her no way in hell is she going to be dating an 18 year old who we know nothing about.Its a complicated situation ( late, international, cross racial adoption, early trauma,etc. I would very much appreciate just seasoned experience and practical advice .Quite agree no preaching - if you believe your kid to be sexually active - and if it agrees with religious beliefs - I advise putting her on the pill.I find myself in the unsettling position of wanting to say very conventional things like ''An 18 year old boy only has one thing in mind.'' And then I feel bad. Older guys pick on younger, more vulnerable girls because it's harder for them to say no. They mostly spent time together at school, at lunch, or met before school for coffee. I told her that I wanted to meet him before they went ''out'' anywhere. Just make sure she knows that she can call you anytime and you will pick her up. That way she might talk to you about any things she doesn't know how to handle.Talk to your daughter about different things that can happen when she is with him and let her know she can make a choice about what she wants to do. I also tell her if he wants to ''go farther'' than she does, she absolutely has the right to say ''no''.

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