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Dating frankoma marks glaze colors

This unique door, which weighs about 900 pounds, is an amazing feature, even during heavy rain.Red terra cotta tile adorn the back of the house which is framed by miles of natural rock terraces hand laid by Frank.In the mid 1950s the Frank family, which included daughters Donna and Joniece, had world renowned architect Bruce Goff design their crescent shaped three bedroom dream house.Today it’s home to both daughters, who are now in their 70s, and listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.From 1942 until 1988 Frankoma created a line of Wagon Wheel dinnerware that became its signature line.

Visitors are welcome Thursday through Sunday afternoons by reservations only; admission is .

Many have African American, Native American or animal subjects.

Frankoma became the pioneer in colored tableware with bold designs in vibrant Southwestern colors such as Prairie Green and Desert Gold.

The home’s front is flanked by two Prairie Green glazed brick convex cylinders.

This color, a favorite of John Frank and his wife, Grace Lee, was also a favorite with customers.

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(Copies may be purchased directly from her.) The Frank sisters also started the Frankoma Family Collectors Organization in 1995.

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