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Dating gillette travel razor

Gillette claimed the Tech made advancements in 4 "points" of Technology, all of which were widely advertised, including "The ridgid blade support speeds shaving", "Non-skid tread protects face", "Cleans quickly - never clogs" and "Solid bar guard assures comfort". Notes of Interest: Mild to efficient shaver Photos: Manufacturer: Gillette Dates in Production: 1941-1945 Type: DE, 3 piece Description: Similar to Ball End Tech, but barrel has several fullers. The stock number refers to the War Department's predecessor to the National Stock Number system. Throughout the razor's production, Gillette positioned the Tech as a low-cost model of it's razor lineup, selling for years for 49 cents for the nickel version, and 98 cents for the gold-plated version. The stock number also included Tech models with a bakelite handle. Notes of Interest: While this era of Tech razor is undated, you can discern its date range from the base plate.Incredible cased Fat Boy Gorgeous old style wooden boxed razor 2-13-13 Cased Milord 1948-1950 Gold Mint Gorgeous 1914 scroll handled razor and case Bottom dialer over a grand 1-5 bottom dialer 00 Cased toggle red dot fat boy auction OMG! Red dot case difference Beautiful 1977 Black Bottom Black Beauty 1947 No Notch No DC Straight Slot 1941 Ranger tech patent no. How mistakes are made 2-11-13 Gold tone Black Beauty O-4 Gillette's last gold tone razor There's a sucker born every day Link Comments:3-1-13 Check that Fat Boy up top. Lower than the 0 NOS, but there wasn't too much difference between the two. This is a late 20s mix-n-match metals by Gillette, came with a thin gold wash. 0 10-12-12 - Added paragraph about rhodium plated Gillettes. 1977 was the first year for the all black hand/black bottomed razor. Added link to "This is not a red dot." You boys didn't bid this thing, didja? The really rare razors, the excellent cased razors, good looking fatboys are all getting fabulous prices. I've noticed in the past year that prices on the average used unboxed slim adjustables and black beauties are not what they were (20-40). Mint postwar cased Milords and Aristocrats are going from 0-250, they've jumped in the past two years.Tech razors before 1950/51 do not have a serial numbering stamping, therefore, determining the exact date is practically impossible, although certain features may indicate a certain range. Description: Three piece design, top blade holder has one threaded prong (for handle). For decades, Gillette has been the leading brand for safety razors.

This technique was patented as US 2,270,388, filed and issued , and gave the Tech its characteristic diamond-indented guard plate. Some UK variants do not have this feature, and may have been stamped from thicker sheet-metal, or may have been machined or swaged. Models after 1962 have Zamak caps and can be identified by the embossed "Gillette" name. Both metal and plastic/bakelite handled versions exist - all metal Contract Techs are ferrous metal-based due to War shortages.

Notes of Interest: Slightly more aggressive than later, more common Techs, but still a mild shaver on the whole. Prewar Civilian models often appear with "fat" handle type.

A." Civilian models from before WWII show nickel plate.

These gentlemen do have a certain elegance of prose that I can't possibly approach. The scope of this discussion is American Gillette double edged safety razors.

We're in hard times now, I don't have to tell you money's tight. Exactly how many edges do the cutting when you drag your razor across your face? Three piece - means the razor will break down into 3 pieces, allowing the blade to be changed.

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Added link to one up now, it's over a grand with over 50 bids. A nicer one earlier this year didn't meet the reserve, it was up to $513. Sure like to find one of these.1/18/13 - Removed link to NOS Fat boy.