Dating gunowners

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Dating gunowners

A range of memberships are available from to 0, with promotions offered regularly through their website and social media pages. Start dating singles who believe in the 2nd Amendment!Molly Lund, the site’s chief operating officer, said though anti-gunners may mistake it as inflammatory, the site is not meant as a political dating statement.It’s simply a means for daters with a common interest to avoid any awkward mentions of fire power.

Singles who are passionate about Second Amendment rights can now look for love on a new online dating site.

The majority of users are white men, ages 20 to 60.

Chief Operating Officer Molly Lund told USA TODAY that Concealed Carry, based in Michigan, is dedicated to attracting more female clients and is open to gun lovers of every ethnicity and sexual preference.

Clinton said "you could put half of Trump's supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables" at an LGBT event last week.“That comment made news because it was an incorrect generalization,” Lund said.

“It resonated with us because there are a lot of incorrect generations about the concealed-carry community. We have a sense of humor about those kinds of buzzwords.”Concealed Carry Match isn't the only dating site on the web targeting gun enthusiasts, but is the only one that Lund said caters to concealed carriers.

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The site has a limited number of members, so far, mostly men looking for that special lady.

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