Dating heddon lure boxes

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Dating heddon lure boxes

I have this lure in Silver Sparkle (SS) and Bull Frog (BF) colors and there may more colors available.

Heddon/PRADCO Centennial lures and the Special Collector lures have become popular among collectors and they found their way into display cases.

These Centennial lures were authentic reproductions of the original Heddon River Runt and Lucky 13. PRADCO first advertised the Heddon Centennial Edition Wood Zaragossa lure the 1995 PRADCO Master Catalog.

The 1994 PRADCO Master Catalog advertised these two lures along with individual background information for each lure. In this catalog it was clearly advertised as NEW for 1995. also provided PRADCO with the sample of the Heddon "upleaping" box for the Zaragossa lure and Mr.

Since EBSCO was founded the company has diversified into more than 20 businesses which include: November 28, 1983 the EBSCO company which already owned PRADCO purchased the Heddon company.

Shortly after the decision came down to move Heddon to Fort Smith the remaining inventory was depleted and the Dowagiac factory doors were locked for the last time.

This was the last year that Heddon advertised the Centennial lures in their catalogs.

The value of these lures have already increased and collector values will continue to grow because of the limited production of these lures.With the purchase of the company, EBSCO acquired all of Heddon's old stock from the Dowagiac factory and distributed many Heddon items well into 1984.Many of the early PRADCO lures in the EBSCO packaging are actually Heddon lures that were manufactured in Dowagiac, Michigan.Illustrated below are the front covers of my complete collection of PRADCO catalogs.The 1984 catalog is the transition catalog from James Heddon's Sons to EBSCO owner of PRADCO.

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