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Although some prominent family scholars share the widely held view that marriage has grown less institutionalized and more individualistic, measures of how married couples actually live suggest that rather than maintaining separate, autonomous lives, they continue to form interdependent partnerships.

He has always been incredibly generous with his time and advice.” When the same rumor keeps resurfacing it means there may be some truth to be told.

We’re growing more isolated (it is said), and we see even marriage, which should be an intimate and interdependent relationship, as only a vehicle for personal fulfillment.

Far from sharing their daily lives, moreover, spouses are now “alone together.” In a paper just published in the , Carrie Yodanis and Sean Lauer push back against this idea.

Additionally, he recently told reporters he feels bad that De Laurentiis’ marriage is strained.

“The magazine now claims De Laurentiis and Mayer had an ‘affair’ and accuses De Laurentiis of having ‘close relationships’ that may have been romantic with both Lauer and Flay. De Laurentiis has given Gossip Cop an exclusive response to the tabloid’s mean-spirited and baseless allegations.” De Laurentiis and Thompson appear to be intent on keeping things civil, despite the reason they decided to separate.

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Also, Savannah recently became engaged to her long time boyfriend Mike Feldman. In 2006 it was reported Matt had an affair with Natalie Morales when they covered the Olympics in Turin, Italy. She decided to retract her divorce petition a month later.