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Just use the code narratively10.n the back wall of the classroom at Sapa O’Chau, a bootstrap operation in Sapa town, far northern Vietnam, where hill tribe children study to be tour guides, colored-pencil drawings depict young girls with tears streaming down their faces.Some are shackled with metal cuffs; others are trapped in cages or giant jars.This story originally appeared in Latterly, a new quarterly magazine for international reporting.We’ve partnered with Latterly to give Narratively readers 10 percent off subscriptions.The most common scene shows a girl in a forest, trailing a male figure grabbing her by the wrist.“They may pretend to be your friend so they can take you away,” a tiny scrawl reads. I kind of felt like I had graduated to this specific little world of people that had mental illness. A lot of it was a fear of rejection, but a lot of it was this negative self-image thing that people without mental illness wouldn’t want to have anything to do with me. ” and I said, “No, I’m not.” They put me in an ambulance and I went to a hospital. And then I got to a hospital and it started to sink in that like, this is awful. Every once in awhile I get, “I have autism” or “My daughter has this, do they qualify? I didn’t have much of a love life to speak of for quite some time. I ran through a stoplight and a cop pulled me over and he said, “Are you alright sir? I thought I was the most important person on earth, that all the newspapers were gonna write my story and everything, Peter Jennings would be talking about me at on the evening news and stuff.

I usually say, you shouldn’t just wait around to see if somebody emails you. I guarantee if you send a few, you’ll usually get a response. That’s something I’ve gone back and forth with over the years.

“I think they felt life would be tough here, and they didn’t see much hope,” Gilbert said.

“I guess they decided to go together, or maybe one first made that decision and then worked on the other until she agreed as well.

I watched the video with Sapa O’Chau’s then-general manager, Peter Gilbert, one evening at the organization’s shophouse office in town.

Onscreen, none of the other students volunteered an answer.

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