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Dating planetalove com

I'm very intelligent and can hold a decent conversation.I'm looking for a woman that knows what she wants and can get it.Its really nice to hear from you and that;s really makes me happy and fulfilled...I would really love to know more about you, i want you to understand that i have been single for too long, and i think it is the right time to step up, so i am really serious man, searching for the right partner, i an not into games, below is more about who i am...............I need someone that's going to spoil me just like I want to spoil them with my love. i am on yahoo instant messanger, i hope we could hook up and have chart sometime, i think this is actually the best way to get to know each other. - riseingsunnydays says: yes thanks - riseingsunnydays says: He is the only source of joy for now - me says: i'm glad he brings you joy. - riseingsunnydays says: His mother was - riseingsunnydays says: but unfortunatly she left us - me says: i'm so sorry. - riseingsunnydays says: ok - me says: oh, i have to download something. - me says: - me: i just sent you a message, but i think it was email not instant messaging... the funny thing was that when he spoke, he sounded african.A partner to be my best friend and who is passionate about life. Add me you your yahoo instant messanger list as wright.quamay, i am always online by 10pm Nigerian time, and sometimes, i get online by 9am, if i am not hooked up with works here. - riseingsunnydays says: I am trying to add you - me says: ok! he also sent photos to the yahoo account which i will attach below. but my brain overrode that, thinking it was just a bad connection.Well things do not really work out between i and ex, so we have to divorce, tho she passed on after a year of the divorce.It really hurt me, because i know someday my son would love to see his real mom.

So after they were gone i quickly rush my Son to the nearest hospital because he was bleeding seriously from the chest...... Honey i haven't slept since last night and even my shoulder is affecting me with pains badly.RESEARCH YOUR SCAMMER, FIND OUT WHO IS BEHIND THE EMAIL the first day i was on, i received an IM as soon as i logged on. he said he was having trouble with match IM and could we switch to yahoo messenger. he had a 6 year old son named Allen who was with him. he was a widower and an is that first IM from - riseingsunnydays says: hello - riseingsunnydays says: how are you doing - riseingsunnydays says: are you there so we can chat - riseingsunnydays says: I am Wemi - me says: hi - me says: what's a Wemi? i was going to read your profile but can't figure out how.. he called again in the night and i told him i couldn't talk to him anymore. i haven't heard from him profile on was: riseingsunnydayshis name: Wemi Scothhis email: [email protected] photo used on for the profile: 70334926_R_2found his photo in the romancescam files under Nigerian Scammers: males whitepage 37, collin01 the url: was a man who's profile said he was in north dakota. - riseingsunnydays says: hi - riseingsunnydays says: how was your day - me says: busy . - riseingsunnydays says: don't mind me - riseingsunnydays says: how are you doing - riseingsunnydays says: are you there? - riseingsunnydays says: oh same here - riseingsunnydays says: how long have you been on this site - me says: is it snowing in north dakota? album=2768i did not look up the IP address as i closed the yahoo acct very quickly.I would tell you more and more about me as we really exchange e-mails and also get to chat online. I would really love getting to know more and more and more about you, lets wait and see where this leads us. Thanks Quamay Spokeo is a unique background check service that reserches people by EMAIL. - riseingsunnydays says: Wemi scoth - me says: oh, Wemi is your name! it was nice talking with you this afternoon that really makes me smile today.. Cheers Wemithat night we chatted again for a long time and he told me he was falling for me, that he loved me. i started thinking he was a little weird, plus he started quoting the bible to me in such a fervent way, i was turned off. the next morning, a friend dropped by and she said, it's a scam! i looked at the safety rules on and every single point on their list had happened with Wemi except he hadn't asked for my address yet and he hadn't asked for money yet. i listened very carefully to his voice and it was african.They search through the social networks and dating sites databases, to see if a person with such email is registered somewhere. he told me he was a civil engineer working in nigeria, building a shopping mall. well here some of me and Allen pictures, i hope you will like them.. but he had told me he was going to come visit me at the end of march so i think that was coming! we had arranged that we would chat in the afternoon but i didn't go online at all.

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I also enjoy travel, experiencing different geographies and people. Those people who use drugs a very great deal are very undesirable to me. I have a son called Allen is 7yrs old boy is the only living family i have now........ I am also looking for someone that believe in real love and that can love me for me. I love to dance so it would be a plus to have someone that can dance. - riseingsunnydays says: I am not too good on this site can we chat on yahoo messanger if you don't mind - me says: tell me how. - riseingsunnydays says: do you have a yahoo e-mail address - me says: no.. - riseingsunnydays says: great - me says: thanks for your patience. - riseingsunnydays says: you are welcome - me says: ok, now what do i do?