Dating rogers snare drums

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Dating rogers snare drums

This is especially the case when import drums started flooding the market with a lower priced alternative set of drums.Ludwig Drum Company - Information Below Slingerland Drums - Click Here Rogers Drums - A few people are trying to create a guide, but the best way is the physical characteristics Leedy - Physical characteristics Gretsch - Physical characteristics Anyone left out - Physical characterisitics So if you finally made it to this point then you are almost there!Vintage Drum Center 60's Ludwig dating guide: Also if you wish to purchase vintage drums or new drum gear this is the place to go!

That being said some drums did get date stamped on the inside shell and that is the most accurate indication when a drum was made.In most cases the best way to estimate the date of a drum is its physical characteristics.Fortunately drum companies since the 40's were good at printing catalogs.The ever important serial number which some companies keep detailed records of unfortunately does not exist in the history of drums.We also have to state that much of the record keeping was archaic at best and in some cases history was destroyed in plant fires or just tossed in the garbage! With that said many drum companies never even used serial numbers early on.

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this has taken several years, even before Bruce passed away, to make these determinations concerning the Big R period.

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