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Could you imagine the outrage by Republicans if one of President Obama’s daughters were hanging around with Putin’s girlfriend?[T]he pair are indeed close friends and spent most of the evening chatting to each other. “She calls it ‘that bread.’ ”)Tony Blair, who is godfather to Grace, attended the two girls’ baptism beside the River Jordan in 2011.Life is so precious, find your dream partner and make it so much enjoyable and happiness though out your life.

But if there’s someone you want to bet on reaching that summit, it is Deng, who is now allegedly dating Russian president Vladimir Putin, according to the gossip magazine Us Weekly. Now, it is unclear just how accurate the report is.

Although Deng was rumored in March 2016 to be dating Putin,those rumors were not confirmed, and in July 2016 Deng denied ever having met him.

Several politicized accounts of Trump and Deng vacationing together elided mention of their long friendship and highlighted Deng’s new, rumored links to Putin, creating the impression that Ivanka Trump was schmoozing with a random woman linked to the Russian leader.

Even the tabloid admits that news of the pairing stems from the rumor mill, though word on the couple has apparently been traveling among a certain set for some time.

The two have yet to be spotted together in public, because that level of self-serving malevolence in one single frame would likely crumble the earth onto itself.

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Deng Murdoch was actually responsible for setting up Trump and Kushner.

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