Dating service lawsuits

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In her complaint, plaintiff alleged that she met defendant during a dinner date arranged by IJL.The parties went on another date on or about July 3, 2011.In short, I never defended myself -- a fact I hated. As someone experienced in Googling exes, I conducted a little reconnaissance on Mark.But when I received that text, all those non-confrontational memories flooded my brain and I felt like smacking myself and yelling, “Not this time! In a few short clicks, I was surprised to discover Mark was a seven-figure-a-year dentist in an exclusive area of town with four different malpractice suits filed against him.Even when a tenant skipped out on rent on a home I owned or when I received a large bill for healthcare services never rendered, I chose never to sue.In school, my shyness made me a straightforward target for constant bullying.Plaintiff alleged that at one point during the evening, she and defendant both “affirmed that neither had any sexually transmitted diseases.” In reliance on defendant’s representation that he was “disease free,” she agreed to have sexual relations with him. As you might imagine, It’s Just Lunch responded by pointing out that it wasn’t the proximate cause of the plaintiff boning a guy she just met.It’s Just Lunch isn’t like breeding animals where just putting two in the same room absolutely guarantees they’ll have sex — that’s what Tinder’s for.

I avoided my favorite coffee house not only to save money, but to avoid bad tea memories from resurfacing. I'd never took advantage of this perk because I was not the litigious type.

Mark carried a cup of tea without a lid and slid into the seat in front of me, setting his cup down and then immediately knocking it over.

I watched in horror as the hot liquid spread across the table and dripped down my pants, scalding my legs.

On the other hand, if STDs are so embarrassing that Illinois creates a policy exception for them, why are plaintiffs allowed to publicly brand defendants with STD accusations?

It seems if we’re going down Anonymity Road the defendant should enjoy the same protection, at least until found liable.

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I'd belonged to various dating sites off and on for years, meeting a higher percentage of men who looked nothing like their profile pics than men who did. Expecting a no-show again, I sat at a coffee shop table typing on my brand new, expensive Mac laptop -- a purchase I'd made by dipping into my savings.

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