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After the American Revolution, substantial numbers of United Empire Loyalists arrived in 1785.From 1874 to 1885, Yarmouth was the second largest port of registry in Canada following Saint John, New Brunswick.Writing a letter that is delivered to your grandmother's door is not going to change any of that, but I guarantee you, it will make her motherlovin' day. Yarmouth is a port town located on the Bay of Fundy in southwestern Nova Scotia, Canada.The Halifax and Southwestern Railway was built along the south shore linking Yarmouth with Shelburne, Liverpool, Bridgewater and Halifax in the early 20th century; the H&SW was eventually merged into the Canadian National Railway (CNR).While iron-hulled steamships had led to the decline of Yarmouth's once-thriving wooden shipbuilding industry, they also made the port a vital connection between Nova Scotia's rail lines and steamships destined for Boston and New York.

An object known as the Yarmouth Runic Stone was found at the nearby village of Overton in 1812.

During the Seven Years' War, New England Planters settled at what is now the town of Yarmouth in 1759; the grantees were from Yarmouth, Massachusetts and they requested that Yarmouth be named after their former home.

Following the war, Acadians originally from the Grand-Pré district who returned from exile in 1767 settled in the Yarmouth area.

It was interpreted by some to have been carved by Ericson, while others feel the markings are natural scratches gradually enhanced over the years.

The stone is preserved at the Yarmouth County Museum & Archives.

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I've been referred to as a "physical email mover," a "femailman" (not sure how that makes sense, guy on Brunswick, but thanks for trying) and my favourite, a "lovely letter lady." However, my current official title is "delivery agent." (It sounds more glamourous than it is.) What it means is that they don't want to associate letter carriers with the actual carrying of letters anymore. We are funded 100 percent on our own revenues, not your tax dollars.

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