Dating services catholic personals web sites

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Dating services catholic personals web sites

It seemed that all they needed was a place to come into contact with each other.Q: Why would Catholics opt for a high-tech dating method? Buono: In "traditional dating," you meet someone in person and spend time together, which is essential in knowing if they are the right person.For Catholics who have discerned a marriage vocation, meeting your future spouse has become a very difficult thing to do. They lived in a community where everyone was Catholic and people believed in community.It was easy to meet someone who shared everything, not just your faith.Buono: We ask members to write a lot about themselves and we encourage letter writing, not just chitchatting.Our profile is quite lengthy, but our essays are essentially where unique attraction takes place.Q: What special issues do modern Catholics face in dating and finding a spouse?

We have fewer members than the dating services because there are fewer completely committed practicing single Catholics out there, and they are attracted to our concentrated, focused community of Catholics like themselves.He explained to ZENIT why so many faithful Catholic singles are having a hard time finding a match and how they discover hope in meeting a spouse through his Web site. I found that they all had the same common complaint: They found it very hard to meet someone as serious about practicing their Catholic faith as they were, in particular when it came to the issue of the Church's teachings on the use of contraception.The single Catholics I met were fed up with meeting so-called Catholics who really did not practice their faith 100%.Ave Maria Singles specifically exists because we need strong, Catholic families to combat the "culture of death," to bear witness to Christ and rebuild society as the Holy Father has said.These families are the hope of the future of our society and the Church.

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Anthony Buono, president of Ave Maria Singles, explains why his website is a better option for serious Catholics than many other dating sites.

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