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Belarusians are real women and want to be treated like one.Hence people do not know how to approach them or impress them.So with these tips, you can easily attract women from Belarus.They are quite different from Polish and Russian women and hence are considered the hidden gems of the Eastern Europe. To date a girl from Belarus, you need to first understand her.Once you know what interests her, dating would become fun and exciting.

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If you are not sure about your conversation skills, make a list of the books you have read and movies you have seen and talk on these when you meet a Belarusian woman. If she is willing to talk about her family, ask her more. If you are going for dinner, take her to a good place where both of you can talk comfortably. Always maintain eye contact while talking to her and never disrespect her. Kissing or touching body parts on the first date should not be encouraged.

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