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Griffin said the team forsees an expanded events section that would let fans find where sports team-oriented gatherings near them so they can meet up and tailgate or watch games.Even in the age of infinite dating apps, people are still finding love in surprising places.After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads.

He got all offended, and she said she said that she's sorry, but she'd never date a Dallas fan.

I was so super proud to hear thats ridiculous .opinion ..whats dating gotta do with sports ..i mean in that case i'd always be neutral .ofcourse with respect to die hard sports fans .not just a game .a battle lol .. I always wonder too, if people who join online dating sites put their favorite teams on their profiles?

How many men or women have passed up a good-looking person simply because the person's profile mentioned a favorite team that the other person didn't like?

Seeing a "Farmers Only" commercial on TV struck up an idea for avid sportsmen William Griffin and Jeff Blevins: With all the sports fans out there, why didn't they have their own site?

Users can pick the teams they like as they set up their profiles.

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After photos surfaced of basketball star Kyrie Irving partying on a yacht with a bunch of white women, Whitlock commented on the issue, saying Irving struck a nerve with black sports fans.