Dating tintype photographs Pinoy sex date

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Dating tintype photographs

A few years ago I spoke on the same subject to this group and we had a bunch …

The first step in dating 19th century photographs is identifying which technology was used to create the picture.

So, I assume the photo is of another family member.

I have read through several web sites on dating old tintype photos.

I am doing a family genealogy and it would a big help to be able to date this photo to before or after 1870.

I would greatly appreciate help, link to a tintype photo historian and your opinions on my old tintype photo.

The vast majority of antique photographs taken in the 19th century were one of the following types.

hope Steve is not to upset with us and drops back in sometime.. Maybe this could have helped some: Dating_Period Costume_History_Pictures_Tin Types, ETC Victorian and Edwardian Photographs - Roger Vaughan Personal Collection I sort of thought earlier that it was 7577, but that just might be a one instead of a 7 at the beginning. There is a little loop at the top, but scratching a curve into the surface was not an easy task. I'd agree that it could also be a 7 or 9, But my thought is that if the last two numbers are 7's, The look very similar and near matches.I'll like your opinion on whether this tintype looks like it is a "brown period" tintype.Thanks Steve Steve - What it looks to me is that it is a tintype of an older image.Hi, I have a tintype photo that I am trying to date. The gentleman in the photo does not look like John Evans, when compared to several other known photos. This photo belonged to a relative (John Evans) who lived between 1864-1924.

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At the bottom you can see the remnant of the gold border of an oval, and I am assuming that this is part of the original image and not a present border.

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