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Posted by / 20-Feb-2017 12:58

I have started pipelining polish girls on it, for my trip to eastern europe in october, but the best I am doing is a few 5 or 6s, who don't seem that enthused. There are a lot who are usually more upper class and have a good grasp on english usually. One can have some successes but it is very inferior compared to what you get in the ground or in clubs.

A polish 7 told me she gets 100 msgs every on badoo and basically told me to fuckoff. Badoo here in Peru, at least in Lima, has proven completely worthless for me. They also tend to live in the better districts which is a plus. As far as looks, very few indigenous looking Peruvians on tinder, most have European traits. It seems that the trend is simple: As soon as a Dating App or Site is flooded with hordes of men it all goes to shit.

It was always a good last minute option for a date. But then, I stopped using it this last year and a half, when I returned to the States.

Quite a few polish girls online are married but search for sth better.

Internet gives them this chance to do with discretion.

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