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Datingiran com

Mahtabi fell in love in her early 20s, but her first boyfriend was unwilling to introduce her to his devout parents.

She broke up with him last year after he refused to let her go out in the evenings alone and interrogated her after parties about men she had danced next to.

But once equipped with degrees, many struggle to find men willing to embrace a more liberated woman.“Because of higher education, women have higher expectations,” Azadi said over tea at Tehran’s aging Naderi café, a onetime haunt of artists and intellectuals.

A university graduate working as a tour guide, she is fluent in English and Russian.

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The slim, dark-eyed Mahtabi wonders whether she should lower her standards with the next man she dates.“On the other hand,” she said, “I feel our Iranian boys are not educated enough by our parents to tolerate living with a liberated woman, let alone enjoy it.”Abidar Dadman, a 37-year-old bank employee studying for a master’s in international business, recently dated a man who was uncomfortable with the fact that she earns about $300 a month more than he does. Sometimes he would slip in underhanded comments, saying she must have gotten her job through family connections.