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Hopefully we can build momentum to meet again the following month.I anticipate once we get the ball rolling, we'll be able to do this on a regular basis.How to turn a phone number into a girlfriend or a realtionship or a wife. I show you how to qualify women for relationships and I show you how to meet them and close 80-90% of the qualified women you meet NO MATTER WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE or HOW OLD YOU ARE!!NO, it is NOT a numberd game…you really know what you are doing…..Please make sure I have your current, correct email address.We can then see what date and time will work for the most of us and go from there.Now we have many dating sites available for you to begin your search for a partner to bring to that tantra party, event, dating group or seminar that you've always wanted to attend. Find a beloved, life partner, sex buddy, friend or date to elevate your life and begin to relate. People who live here or come to visit don't have a lot of options where to meet, except in a bar or something like that. Your donations (see below) to the group of your choice will allow me to get the dating site up for these groups with the tools necessary to coordinate our efforts.The sites listed below have searching databases and/or chats to support your search. I found a relatively inexpensive dating program for the dating web sites, but it still costs $$$.

L Rx Newsletter Newspaper Column newspaper columns Personality pick up women qualify women Relate To Women Relating relating for women relating to men Relationships seduce women Sex talk to women Testimonials Understanding will get free weekly tips on meeting women, approaching women, attracting women, flirting with women, seducing women, relating to women, marrying women, etc.

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When it comes to meeting women, most only give you information that works in one situation or with one type of girl. Then NONE of them tell you what to do afer you meet a girl. To give guys information that is useful across situations and with different types of girls.

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Dating to Relating is not a simple “Numbers Game” strategy that tells you to go out and do something over and over again that you are totally uncomfortable with.

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(Something that you might be totally uncomfortable with.) Instead it gives you a number of situational strategies that you can use for different personality types and different situations.

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