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Datingstatusbutton com

The Ask button seems like it's still being tested, according to Ahem, let's talk about this for a minute. In fact, this Ask button is antithetical to the whole notion of covert social media ops.Sure, it's more direct, and it could take the games out of wondering about someone, but there's nothing direct about Facebook profiles.But the clues don't come from the "Relationship Status" itself.They come from things like photos of the person posted by others, the person's profile pictures, and her wall activity.Facebook has rolled out a new "ask" feature for those profile pages that don't list relationship statuses.The owner of the page doesn't see the button — only the person who is checking out the page.

Trying to use peer pressure to get us to engage more. You've failed to realize one crucial thing: Asking someone about their relationship status with no context or warning is incredibly creepy and embarrassing for both parties!

But recently, Facebook has decided my relationship status is no longer a private matter between me and my dating partner.

Instead, it’s become a group affair, to be jointly decided upon and shared by me, my partner, and my 912 friends, thanks to a new and not-so-discreet “Ask” button that now appears next to my Relationship Status section, as well as next to other private sections I choose not to fill out, like my phone number and home address.

All it takes are a few simple steps to hide the announcement.

First go to the "About" section on your timeline and scroll down to the "Relationship" section.

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But now Facebook wants to give stalkers the option of being direct, so the company has a new "Ask" button that lets users scope each other out.

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