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Waze only considers the road fully traversed if both ends of the segment are fully crossed.

If the junction indicator at the end of the segment happens to be at the edge of the pavement (or off of the road surface if aerials are not exactly aligned), it will be very difficult for a driver to cross that junction.

When representing junctions, intersections, interchanges, cross roads, corners, etc., the Waze map does not need to perfectly match the road layouts it represents.

In the US, a "No Outlet" sign may be used to indicate a road which itself is not a dead end, but it only connects to other dead end roads.

Be sure the free end of the final road segment has small blue dot displayed at the tip (when not editing or selecting the segment).

If there is no blue dot, please correct it by following the steps for fixing dead ends.

A good rule of thumb is to have the end of the segment the same distance from the end of the pavement as it is from each side of the road.

With such a placement, the driver is given a chance to cross that junction indicator for that segment.

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Also check for the proper u-turn setting as covered in the best practices article on u-turns.