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Dealing with intimidating managers

The issue is not simply a matter of individual survival.Toxic managers divert people’s energy from the real work of the organization, destroy morale, impair retention, and interfere with cooperation and information sharing.For example, both aggressive and rigid behaviour may be driven by fear and insecurity, by cluelessness, or by a ruthless desire to dominate and control people.

For example, being able to contain your anger and anxiety and thereby think clearly in upsetting situations is crucial to making good decisions and influencing others. Some managers are toxic most of the time; most managers are toxic some of the time.Knowing how to deal with people who are rigid, aggressive, self-centered or exhibit other types of dysfunctional behaviour can improve your own health and that of others in the workplace. Toxic managers dot the landscape in most organizations, making them seem, at times, like war zones.It will also help senior management and HR to recognize toxic managers before they do serious damage.The basic theme of the article is that to deal effectively with toxic behavior you need to understand what lies underneath it, design an intervention to target those underlying factors, and have sufficient control of your own feelings and behaviour so that you can do what is most effective, rather than let your own anger or anxiety get the best of you.

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Underneath these difficult behaviours are either difficult personality traits, mood disorders or impulsivity.