Delta goodrem dating the voice host

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Delta goodrem dating the voice host

'They've been spending all their time together, and she's happy,' reports Woman's Day magazine, which cites an unnamed 'close friend' for the scoop. The Aussie singer, who sits on the panel of the new reality TV show alongside Joel Madden, Seal and Keith Urban, said that people expect her to be sweet and shy but added that she would never be as successful as she is if that were true.: "Maybe it's just that people have known me since I was so young and I was really shy when I first stepped on the scene."I'm in a really good place and it's been a great year," she said. I started 2016 doing Cats, from there I went to The Voice, then straight into finishing my album, to the intensity of going on tour, then returning to TV acting.To use this website, cookies must be enabled in your browser.She's busier than ever, reportedly happy in love with rugby union star Drew Mitchell, and thrilled to be getting back to where her career started - acting.

a few small clues but that's all." She turned to Who Do You Think You Are, the hit biographical series on SBS that takes celebrities on a journey into their lineages.

Believing there was no one else who'd gone down a musical path, Goodrem felt her life had been like "a journey without a map".

That is until she discovered Florence Bray, her great grandmother - a show girl who used her talent to survive and travel the world.

‘The show had already lost Ricky Martin due to his recording and touring commitments and then, in what’s seen as a crippling blow, Delta quit! ‘Shine executives had no choice but to go cap in hand to Delta in emergency negotiations.

Part of the deal was that Nine had to guarantee Jessie J and the Maddens would calm down their criticisms of her on set and they were all briefed about the situation by executive producers from Nine and Shine.’ uk has contacted reps for the Madden brothers, Jessie and Delta for comment. It is what it is, but there’s a mutual respect there’.

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I was always this fun, jokey, relaxed [person] with that fighting spirit, outside of music."This show has been great to just be me up on stage and have all these sides [to my personality].