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With federal programs expending approximately 4 million in 2010-11, student loan consolidation has been a well-received solution to student debt management.

Prior to July 1, 2006, students could consolidate their public loans while they were enrolled in school full time. Students can either consolidate during the six-month grace period after graduation or wait until after the loan enters the repayment phase.

Today, the answer to that question is probably yes!

7 out of 10 graduates are now graduating with some form of student loan debt.

When you decide to consolidate, our partners will make the process easy for you. The federal student loan consolidation application process is detailed. Your paperwork will be prepared and submitted for you, with your approval.

This is the second chance you've been waiting for: a lower payment and a more forgiving timeline.

Learn more about private student loans Federal student loans are the easiest and most beneficial to consolidate because they offer low interest rates, increased payback terms (which decreases the monthly cost) and because they reduce the number of lending institutions you have to pay every month. That difference is also why you should never consolidate private and federal loans into a single loan.

Offered by banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions, a private refinance loan can reduce the pressure on your budget, making it easier to manage your education debt.

If you are timely in making your federal and/or private student loan payments to your lender, having this type of debt can actually begin to strengthen your credit rating after about six months of steady payment.

Better yet, if your student loans are consolidated, reducing the number of active accounts on your credit report, it can heighten your score as well.

All federal and private student loans are considered unsecured debt.

That means they are not backed by collateral, by some asset – a house, a car, a piece of land.

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