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Devotee amputee dating

Equally some women are happy to form relationships with devotees because they enjoy the erotic desire.

Devotee grooming Amputee devotees and others who seek to contact or exploit those with limb difference online or elsewhere are a diverse group.

As much as we might like to pigeon hole them, they are a socially widespread group that, as Dr.

Elena Martellozzo, criminologist, states (when describing paedophiles), they 'cannot be accurately characterised with one dimensional labels'.

We seek to connect people within a specific interest group, encouraging dialogue in a safe and open environment where sharing of information is a principle objective.There may well be a subset of men attracted to other men and women attracted to women but male amputee devotees certainly appear to dominate.Most devotees target adult women although there is growing anecdotal evidence that some devotees are trying to befriend the parents of limb deficient children via Facebook. Many believe that their lives will be complete if they find a woman with a missing hand, arm, legs, etc.They can take action to protect themselves and be aware of devotees, those associated with devotees and others who pose a threat to safe networking. Your safety is important to us so it's important that you know about amputee devotees and others who pose a threat to your safe networking.Those who pose a threat fall into the following categories; What is a 'devotee'?

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Grooming examples are as follows: Devotee Activists Some devotees are social activists/militants as they feel that their sexual preference is the last to be accepted and often draw parallels between themselves and the gay rights movement of the 1970s.

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