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Does updating your blackberry erase contacts

The company has made several curious decisions over the past few years but their fire sale tactic of shifting all of their Touch Pad stock was so successful that they had to build more.This indicates a strong following for the device, and with the web OS platform set to be made open source by HP during 2012, the direction for the device and its operating system can be decided upon by enthusiasts and experts.While the issue of creating the optimum touch-based user interface was thought to have been completely solved with i OS or Android Ice Cream Sandwich, the truth is that there are many ways in which a comfortable UI can be presented.The Metro UI of Windows Phone and Windows 8 is another way, the version of Black Berry seen on the Play Book is another.Rarer still are models with 4G, which are believed to have been shipped only to HP employees.Such versions may appear on e Bay from time to time.

Like the i Pad, the display features a capacitive multi-touch interface allowing the use of more than one finger at a time, and both devices have 1 GB of RAM.For many people, web OS is perhaps the ultimate alternative to i OS – offering a pleasingly smooth, polished experience with a logical, intuitive interface.The web OS development team have kept things very simple, resulting in just a few gestures and regular commands for you to learn.Given that Palm and HP were once rivals in the handheld computer market, this was something of an ignominious capitulation.In truth, you shouldn’t be concerned about HP’s inability to decide upon a strategy for this device.

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By contrast, the Touch Pad has native access to just 10,000 apps, as of December 2011.

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