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Dogs meting boy first time3gp

and is completing a thorough review of the circumstances of this incident …

to determine whether improvements can be made to reduce the likelihood of similar occurrences happening in the future.” The clothes Canyon was wearing when the explosive went off now sit in a sealed plastic bag since the Mansfields are unsure what to do with them.

“We weren’t aware, and nobody told us,” Theresa said.

“There was nothing posted up on the hill saying to beware or be careful.” Canyon was rushed to Portneuf Medical Center for treatment and his family said they and Bannock County sheriff deputies who responded to their home had blood drawn to make sure they were OK.

“By the grace of God I’m still alive.” His parents say they hope no other family has to endure what they’ve been through.

“300 yards from this swingset next to my house there were 2 cyanide bombs. It almost killed my child and it did kill my dog,” Mark said.

“We couldn’t even have a proper burial for Casey because we didn’t know how to deal with cyanide,” Theresa said.

“No one knows how to deal with cyanide.” The Mansfields said, as of Friday, nobody from the US Department of Agriculture has contacted them to apologize for what happened.

They say the one triggered Thursday was planted on the borderline of their property.They wonder if other explosives may be hidden in the hills surrounding their home.“If you plant bombs by our house, just tell us,” Canyon said.“I don’t want it to kill my neighbors.” Theresa added, “Canyon is lucky to be alive. XENIA, Ohio — Shanna Niehaus wasn’t sure how her 5-year-old son, Kai, was going to react. Kai led Tornado and the dog trainer back to their area.

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“I hurried home, and the first thing I did was try to resuscitate the dog,” Mark Mansfield said.