Double your dating cocky

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Double your dating cocky

David is a smart, talented guy, and the way he writes makes you like him.

It is interesting, entertaining, humorous and engaging… The stuff David teaches in the book is in my opinion 85% good information, 5% great information, and 10% stuff I don’t personally agree with.

Verwacht dus geen spektakel, maar wat achterliggende theorie voor bij andere boeken.

Mystery, een van de beste pick up artists, legt in dit boek uit hoe je je eigen game kan ontwikkelen. in het programma Pick Up Artist, verlegen mannen, nerds en mannen met weinig zelfvertrouwen om meer zelfvertrouwen te krijgen om uiteindelijk succesvol op vrouwen af te stappen.

I can assure you that Double Your Dating has way more valuable information than 95% of the 47-97 dollar PUA courses on the market.

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This is the first book that I ever read about being successful with women, and I have always remembered it fondly so I decided to take a peek at it again after all of these years and give it a quick read through so I could review it for you with all the big ideas from the book still fresh in my brain!

Achteraf had ik die beter eerst kunnen lezen, en daarna deze. Today I wanted to look backwards at where this whole PUA book phenomenon started from and talk about the original that got every thing started, David De Angelo’s Double Your Dating ebook…: Download Double Your Dating & 4 Bonuses For Only .95!When you take the price into consideration, it’s a no-brainer.I’d say every single man should get his hands on this and see what big Dave D has to say…

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Het is een simpel model waarop alle andere modellen zijn gebaseerd (of tenminste, ze hebben wat gemeen).

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